Grow with Google: Get Found on Mobile! (Updated August 2020)

grow with google get found on mobile

If you read of our blog, you’ll know that we think mobile is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing today.

Mobile is simply too important to ignore anymore. Just think about how often you use your phone to find information—whether it’s shopping on Amazon, looking for movie times, or just learning new information on Wikipedia.

Now think about your potential customers. They’re doing the same thing, and perhaps looking for a service you provide. Are you going to show up in their searches? If you do show up, is your site mobile-friendly? If not, you’re probably missing out on that user’s business.

People want things to be easy. If your site is not mobile-friendly, they just won’t bother.

How Can I Become More Mobile-Friendly?

A solid first step is using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. This will let you know whether Google considers your site mobile-friendly. If it doesn’t, Google will outline how to optimize your site for mobile traffic.

Obviously, these recommendations won’t be the same for everyone. To improve user experience, some companies will only need to make small changes; others will need a complete overhaul.

Here is some of DOM’s most recent mobile-specific content:

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