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If you read of our blog, you’ll know that I think mobile is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing today.

I’ve written two blog posts about “micro-moments” and the changes Google has made to Shopping ads on mobile devices. I’m sure I’ll be covering mobile even more in the future, as Google continues to make their ads more mobile-friendly.

Mobile is simply too important to ignore anymore. Just think about how often you use your phone to find information—whether it’s shopping on Amazon, looking for movie times, or just learning new information on Wikipedia.

Now think about your potential customers. They’re doing the same thing, and perhaps looking for a service you provide. Are you going to show up in their searches? If you do show up, is your site mobile-friendly? If not, you’re probably missing out on that user’s business.


People want things to be easy. If your site is not mobile-friendly, they just won’t bother.

How Can I Become More Mobile-Friendly?

A solid first step is using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. This will let you know whether Google considers your site mobile-friendly. If it doesn’t, Google will outline how to optimize your site for mobile traffic.

Obviously, these recommendations won’t be the same for everyone. To improve user experience, some companies will only need to make small changes; others will need a complete overhaul.

The good news is that we will have a team of experts in Frederick, MD on August 25th for our Grow with Google event. There, we will be able to answer any question about mobile. And we’ll advise you on how to leverage mobile to drive more traffic to your site.

Not only will you hear from Direct Online Marketing’s team, you’ll hear from Google employees who have the latest information on trends and features to help make your mobile experience the best it can be.

For example, did you know you should be in the top two ad positions on mobile so that your ad even shows up? But not only should you be in the top two positions, you should strive for the top position because 75% of mobile ad clicks occur on the top ad.

This is just a small taste of the information you will learn at the event.

Still On the Fence?

If I still haven’t convinced you, maybe these two statistics will.

In 2014 alone, mobile search grew by 47%.

At the same time, desktop traffic decreased by 8%.

The average person checks their phone 150 times per day and spends around 162 minutes per day on their phone. And those numbers will continue to rise.

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this gif of a baby goat taking a bath will work:

baby goat
This is a good goat.

I know investing almost an entire morning is hard for a lot of people. Aside from all of the information you’ll learn, the best part about this event is that it is completely free.

That’s right.


You’ll get a delicious breakfast and all kinds of Google swag—at absolutely no cost to you.

Why are we doing this for free? We want to help your company succeed. We’re passionate about online marketing and have seen the types of success companies can have when they use it to reach their target audience.

Reserve your seat today. Make sure that your company is reaching customers who are looking for you on mobile devices!

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