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What You Need to Know About Google Discovery Ads

By Jim Foreman| 4 Min Read | August 21, 2020
What are Discovery Ads for | Google Discovery Ads Explained | What You Need to Know About Google Discovery Ads

The toolbox for any PPC endeavor expands and contracts as search engines evolve their offerings. (There are other search engines, but, as always, we’re really talking about Google). One recent evolution in the way Google lets you interact with your customers is Google Discovery ads—and if you haven’t yet, you need to discover them. 

google discovery ads


A peek behind the curtain

This post began as something entirely different. We were going to revisit our Gmail Ads content and update everybody on what might be new and interesting about displaying ads in Gmail (we did that, and you can read it here). What we learned from one of our resident PPC geniuses, Digital Advertising Department Manager Leland Reed, was eye-opening. “We don’t really do ads in Gmail anymore,” he said. “We do Google Discovery ads instead.” 

Intrigued, this led us to examine what these Google Discovery ads are. Plus we uncovered a whole host of tools and techniques that you can implement right this very minute. 

Break it down for me, please

Google Discover is the name for the feed of information that Google offers you when you access on mobile or use their branded search app (it used to be called Google Feed). The app works great on iOS or Android and has become the de facto search app for lots of users across numerous platforms. There’s a good reason for that: it gives you a direct line into Google and if you’ve linked your Google Account to the app, personalized content. 

Machine learning: activated

google discovery ads

Google Discover is yet another example of Google following the breadcrumbs of what it sees as a user’s preferred method of using their services. In other words, people search, but they also want to expand their understanding. It’s no longer simply about providing answers to questions, but facilitating what Google calls a “journey.” 

By analyzing the way a customer uses its services, Google can make educated guesses about what kind of content they want to see. This includes ads that might be relevant to their interests, which is where digital marketers like us can leverage that insight to reach the exact people we want. After all, a good lead is an engaged lead. And engaged leads are the ones most likely to convert into customers. 

What this means for you, the user

If you use Google search on a mobile device (and, chances are, you do), then you’re already seeing Discover in action. You might even have noticed that the ads you’re seeing are better aligned with your shopping habits, product searches, and interests. Google is getting smarter about what you want while still keeping its eye on your privacy, and we all know how important that is

What this means for you, the advertiser

This is where Google’s long years of experience and continued research and development pays off for people in the business of advertising for a digital audience: better search results, better ads, better targeting. Google Discovery is all about showing your ads to users who Google’s algorithm thinks might be interested in what you’re offering, rather than strictly showing them to people who are searching for your product. This expands your reach, sure, but it also has the added benefit of spreading awareness about your brand. Even if they don’t click your ad, they might still be a conversion waiting to happen.

If you want to learn more about how Google Discover can help you reach your audience, get in touch with us today.

To get more information on this topic, contact us today for a free consultation or learn more about our status as a Google Premier Partner before you reach out.


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