Get To Know Google: Say Goodbye to Google Webmaster Tools!

By Stephanie Mahnken| 2 Min Read | May 21, 2015
Say Goodbye to Google Webmaster Tools

What, you say? Goodbye to Google Webmaster Tools? Can’t Be!


Well, you are correct. They simply have re-branded the tool with a new name: Google Search Console.


No worries, if you already have a GWT account, you need not do a thing. Simply log in and you will notice the name change in the upper left hand corner. If you don’t have a free GWT, I mean Google Search Console account, what are you waiting for? GO GET ONE!



google webmaster image Google Search Console ImageThe reason behind this update is because Google knows that the tool is used by a wide variety of people and not just “webmasters”. I’m not a webmaster, however I love the tool and I use it every day as an SEO professional. GWT was launched initially with the purpose of simply being somewhere that webmasters could submit sitemaps; since then it has come a long way, including the recent overhaul which updated the Search Queries Report to Search Analytics.


In the end, the name change is not a big deal but knowing how Google works (or at least thinking that I do) I can’t help but think this is just the beginning of many changes to come! Change is good and I am excited to see what happens next.


Stay tuned for the next Get to Know Google and I promise to keep you updated on all things Google!

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