WordPress (WP) is an extremely popular Content Management System. Developed originally for blogs, WP offers a great degree of flexibility and functionality. This site – and our online marketing blog – are examples of sites built using this system.

More Questions People Ask About WordPress

wordpressIs WordPress Free Or Paid?

For the majority of users of WP, it is totally free. There are two situations where you would have to pay to use WP…

  1. If you use WP VIP, their enterprise ecosystem.
  2. You setup a blog or domain on WordPress.com and use their hosting solutions.

Otherwise, yes, getting access to the platform and installing it should be free.

Is WP Good For Beginners?

In our opinion – yes. When configured correctly, WP is a very intuitive solution to use for managing website media content, creating new posts and pages, and implementing the basics of a solid SEO strategy.

Can WP be made complex? Sure it can, but the levels of complexity are usually amplified by requirements from site development, theme selection, or through trying to implement additional tools inside the WordPress environment.

If you are trying to decide between WP and some of its other competing website builders like Wix or Squarespace, it is our experience that you will find WP to be the easiest platform to build on and then migrate as your needs change or your business grows.

With this platform’s prominence as the no. 1 identified content management system on the web, it’s only natural that a lot of the sites we work on are built using it.

Here’s a selection of blog posts our team has written about WP. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you might find one of them helpful.

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