Good-Bye, Right Rail Ads

By Nikki Powley| 2 Min Read | February 22, 2016
Raight Rail Ads

Major changes have started rolling out across Google SERPs. AdWords text ad space will now be limited to the top and bottom on all pages.

Yes, that means good-bye to right rail text ads—a Google original since 2000—in all countries and across all languages. (The right space will still be available for Shopping ads.)

On highly competitive desktop and tablet searches, there will be one additional ad slot at the top of the page—giving advertisers 4 open positions at the top of search results.

These changes will not affect mobile ad space.

Right Rail GoodBye


Though this change has not been officially confirmed by Google, our Google birdies confided it’s been rolling out globally since Friday, February 19, as The SEM Post originally reported.

The reasoning behind this dramatic change is most likely based on Google reports that right rail ad click-thru-rates (CTRs) and overall performance was low.

What This Means?

For advertisers, prime text ad display space will be much more competitive leading to an increase in the average cost-per-click (CPC).

It will now be imperative to make sure your campaigns include ad extensions, and have favorable quality scores and landing page experiences, in addition to raised max. CPC bids.

Organic search results are also going to be affected by this change. With the addition of an ad slot and the possible inclusion of Google map results, organic search results will appear below the page fold on even more screen resolution sizes. This should lead many businesses to ask, “So, what is our SEO strategy?”

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