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How to Create Social Media Images That Support Your Brand

By Kevin Hein| 3 Min Read | August 12, 2020
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Can social media images create value and support for my brand? This is a question most brand owners often ask. To find the answer, you must ask yourself if you are getting maximum value from the visual content. Do your fonts, clever effects, and colors make your business more recognizable in your niche? 

You must focus on creating social media images that are relevant to your brand. Graphics, consistent with your business’s established image in the market, increase audience engagement via creating familiarity.  

6 Ways to Create Social Media Images to Support Your Brand 

Here are six simple ways to create visual content that is relevant to your brand’s image.  

Uniformity in Logo Size and Placement 

You must decide a minimum size for your brand’s logo and use it with consistency across all social media networks. Ensure that your logo is not too overpowering in design; however, it should not be too small either.  

Moreover, you must also keep your logo’s positioning consistent. The thumb rule is to place a logo near the bottom right corner. The idea is to ensure that your brand logo is not too distracting but still associates the image with your brand.  

Consistency of Fonts 

Do not choose more than three fonts styles and use them with consistency amongst all social media images. Using typeface that commonly associates with your brand will help increase recognition. For example, Nike uses its iconic font with bold uppercase in most social media posts and images.  

Integration of Your Brand Colors 

Have you noticed a similar practice in the images of all well-known brands? They always use the same color scheme repetitively in their texts, logos, and images. This helps their audience recognize the business and evoke certain emotions and feelings associated with its products.  

Use the same approach and choose three or four different colors for your brand. Make sure to use them with consistency for all your social media images, posts, and logos.  

Choosing an Image That Fits Your Style 

Stay consistent with your background themes when it comes to social media images. To determine your brand’s personality and find images that complement it, you must ask yourself the following questions.  

  • What experience, product, or service are you trying to sell? 
  • What kind of activities would you expect to see and do, if your brand or business were a person?  
  • What does your target audience respond to? 

Once you have the answers, search for images that fit them. 

Finding Signature Filters 

Filters are in these days and give your social media images an exciting twist and feel. As a business, you must consider which filter works with your brand’s established design element before applying them.  

Some filters may brighten an image while others enhance colors or apply certain graphic effects.  

Consistency in Composition 

An effective way to foster brand recognition is by creating templates. This will make it easier to create future images quickly, plus they provide a consistent user experience. A familiar design will make your brand and social media images more recognizable.  

Your Ticket to Success 

If you want to create social media images to increase your brand’s recognition and conversion rate, the tactics mentioned above can help you achieve faster and more effective results. If you need further help in creating a brand strategy for social media, get in touch with our team. 

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Written by Kevin Hein

Kevin is the senior web/graphic designer at DOM. His experience lies in designing responsive websites, logos, emails, flyers, brochures, and all other things visual. He works with the development team, providing them with overall design direction, and the graphic assets needed for front-end development.

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