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How to Use Snapchat for Business Growth

By Kevin Hein| 4 Min Read | July 7, 2020
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Many businesses have confusion about whether they can use Snapchat for business growth.

The answer is ‘yes’ –there are over 300 million active users that use Snapchat every month. Hence, it allows you to reach a mass audience. Plus, Snapchat for business is an easy-to-use and relevant marketing tool that a brand must not neglect.

However, before committing your time and resources into the platform, ensure that your target audience uses it. Omnicore reports that over 70 percent of Snapchat users are under the age of 34.

Snapchat for Business: A Quick Overview

If you are business not on Snapchat yet, here is a quick guide on how to establish your presence on this platform.

Signing Up

Like any other social media platform, you must create your profile account on Snapchat. Remember, you can only register an account using a mobile device.

First, you need to download the app from the App store or GooglePlay and follow the directions on the screen. It will ask you to add the date of birth, choose your username, and provide an email address. Once you have created the account, you can start adding friends directly from the contact list on your phone.

Remember, it is better to use personal information instead of your business information.

How to Interact withSnapchat Users?

There are various ways you can interact with fellow Snapchat users. As Snapchat is unlike any other social network, these interactions will be private except for the stories you post. Here is a list of how you can interact with other Snapchat users.

  • Adding Users
  • Viewing Stories by other users
  • Sending Snaps or short videos to your friends and other users.
  • Through Instant messaging
  • By sending Snapcash: for this, you will need to link your account with a debit or credit card. It will allow you to send money to other users via instant messages. However, Snapchat strongly recommends its users not to send money to someone they do not know.

Snapchat Stories

These are only short videos, a single or multiple photos, but remember these stories cannot be too long. However, Snapchat’s multi-snap recording feature allows users to record longer videos and post them in ten-second chunks. It is a great way to introduce your business’ daily operations to the targeted audience. It will give an idea to your potential customers about an average working day within your company.

Advertise on Snapchat

There are various ways to advertise your brand, products, and services on Snapchat.

Snap Ads

These are full-screen 10-second vertical videos. They come with interactive elements, including a call to action for a customer to visit the provided link. Most ads include audio that plays automatically as your ad appears.

Sponsored Geo-Filters

This method allows you to send Snaps from a specific location. The lenses can cover specific locations such as a departmental store or a coffee shop. For instance, if your brand has multiple branches, you can set individual geo-filters for each site. All of the major cities have different filters.

Sponsored Lenses

These sponsored lenses are more interactive compared to geo-filters. You can capture a photo or make a video and then add these lenses with a unique facial recognition tech. The feature allows you to pretend to be Santa Claus, wear flower crowns, or even puke a rainbow. If your business sells eye-glasses, you can use filters with all types of spectacles to make your stories and posts eye-catching and relevant.


These influencers are the celebrities of the social networking world. They have followers going from thousands into millions. If an influencer showcases your brand in their posts, photos, videos, and stories it will give your business an instant outreach to millions of their followers without breaking a sweat.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to efficiently use Snapchat for business.

  • Upload content and stories regularly.
  • Proactively interact with your users.
  • Sponsor a Snap Ad
  • Sponsor a lens

If you need help in creating a brand strategy for Snapchat, contact our team today.

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