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Integrated Content Marketing for the IT Industry

By Janice Masters| 3 Min Read | December 22, 2020

While more industries realize the importance of content marketing than not, it remains true that particular niches find it more challenging than others to engage consumers with content.

These industries typically have a high bar for understanding only due to the complicated nature of their work. Construction, manufacturing, engineering, and IT have all suffered the stereotype of being “hard to understand.”

Therefore, when an established IT company came to us, seeking assistance in opening up a new market, we knew right away that content marketing would be the key behind breaking the ice between the company and its consumers.

Facing Challenge with content Marketing

Our client approached us with an extensive sales plan covering every stage of the sales process but missing one vital component — marketing. The original strategy lacked an integrated marketing plan to support the company’s physical footprint as they venture into new geographical markets.

An unbalanced focus on sales over marketing is no news for the industrial world. Most industrial content marketers stated that stereotypical thought leadership was one of the biggest challenges they face as they try to grow a business with content marketing.

Finding Solution Using Strategic Integrated Marketing

We immediately knew what we needed to do. After building out a content marketing strategy, we decided to join forces and become part of our client’s executive team.

The content marketing team at C-leveled has decades of experience in integrated marketing for the industrial world. Seeing that our client was concentrating on the sales process, we decided to take the initiative and implement the marketing piece on their behalf.

Effective Implementation Across Multiple Spheres

Opening up a new market was never an easy task. Our approach began with establishing a powerful brand identity with multi-platform marketing, including lead generation campaigns, seminars, webinars, online and offline business events, email marketing, social media marketing, and public relations outreach.

Our design team created professional collateral materials for both the sales and marketing processes to emphasize our client’s image, value proposition, and mission statement. In return, we opened new target markets with unforgettable impressions.

In return, our marketing strategy and implementation successfully supported new pipeline growth and accounted for nearly $10M direct revenue for the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years.

More Than ROI

Partnering up with the right content marketing agency means more than a high ROI. At C-leveled, we truly care about our clients. Our full-stack marketing team handles everything from strategic planning to campaign implementation so you can focus on sales and growth.

Schedule a free consultation with us today if you want to find out how you can grow beyond your limits with content marketing, especially in the post-pandemic season.



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