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  • Google Ads Certified
  • Google Analytics Certified
  • Google Mobile Sites Certified
  • Google Digital Sales Certified
  • Google Display Certified
  • Google Video Certified
  • Google 360 Photographer
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional

  • BS at West Liberty University, Ohio County, WV
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Adriana Parra González

Digital Advertising Account Manager
Social Media Marketing Services | adriana-parra-gonzalez-headshot

For many DOM clients, scaling on an international level is imperative to growth. Fortunately for them, Adriana Parra González can be counted on in her role as a Digital Advertising Account Manager.

Adriana works with many DOM clients, and her contributions to international PPC and SEO accounts truly make her stand out.

A native of Venezuela, Adriana helps in translating on-page SEO and PPC campaigns. Anyone can run Google Ads headlines through an online translator, but such methods are inferior to the nuance that a person can bring to a translation. Adriana can translate an idea into ad copy that sells, converts, and creates leads. Ultimately, each brand has its own voice. And Adriana helps them expand that successful voice into Latin America.

In addition to working on Spanish-language campaigns for US exporters, Adriana serves as the point of contact for DOM’s Latin American clients, who sell into the U.S. and Canada.

Adriana majored in Digital Media Design and is a talented designer with an eye for visual composition aimed at driving conversions. Through use of the full suite of Adobe design software, she adds value to client campaigns.

When Adriana isn’t taking care of our clients’ design and international marketing needs, she organizes most of our team-building activities as our official Director of Fun. In her down time, she enjoys spoiling the office dogs(or any dog within her reach for that matter).

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