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Yahoo! Search Marketing to Scrap Fixed Minimum Keyword Bids – EWS v. 4.0.0

By DOM Team| 4 Min Read | December 13, 2007

Just got this email from the higher-ups at Yahoo! Search Marketing and it appears there are changes afoot. The most interesting being the change to no fixed minimum keywords bids.

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Subject: Enterprise Web Services Version 4.0.0 Coming Soon
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 16:26:24 -0000
From: Yahoo! Search Marketing
Reply-To: Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo! Search Marketing

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Enterprise Web Services Version 4.0.0 Coming Soon
In the first half of 2008, Yahoo! Search Marketing is planning to launch a new version of the Enterprise Web Services (EWS) Marketing API. EWS Version 4.0.0 is a major version release and includes features that are backward-incompatible.

About this Release

* EWS Version 4.0.0 will be released to the EWS sandbox in Q1 2008.
* The production release will occur approximately 30 days after the sandbox release.
* While EWS Version 3.0.0 will continue to be available in production for 90 days after EWS Version 4.0.0 is released, we recommend that you switch to Version 4.0.0 as soon as possible.
* EWS Version 3.0.0 will not be available after the 90-day transition period ends.
* This release is backward-incompatible. To take advantage of the new features, you will need to re-compile your code against Version 4.0.0 WSDLs.

New Features
The new features and changes in EWS Version 4.0.0 are summarized below.

Variable minimum bids
Beginning in the first half of 2008, we plan to change our system so that minimum bids will no longer be fixed for all keywords; they may be higher or lower than $0.10. Minimum bids may vary by keyword, ad group and advertiser. EWS 4.0.0 is configured to work with variable minimum bids. If you do not upgrade to EWS 4.0.0, you may not have full control over your ads and keywords.

Changes for EWS elements and objects
The following changes for elements and objects will made with the release of EWS Version 4.0.0:

* New elements will be added to AdGroup, Keyword, Ad, and All Response objects.
* Three new objects will be created: Warning, BidStatus and NotParticipatingInMarketplaceReason.

New Operations for EWS Services
The following new operations will be added with the release of EWS 4.0.0:


* getMinBidForCampaignOptimizationGuidelines: Returns minBid for Campaign Optimization Guidelines by campaign ID.


* getSponsoredSearchMinBidForAdGroup: Returns Sponsored Search min bid for an ad group by adgroup ID.
* getSponsoredSearchMinBidForAdGroups: Returns Sponsored Search min bid for multiple ad groups by multiple adgroup IDs.
* getSponsoredSearchMinBidForAdGroupOptimizationGuidelines: Returns Sponsored Search min bid for ad group optimization guidelines by ad group ID.
* getContentMatchMinBidForAdGroupOptimizationGuidelines: Returns Content Match min bid for ad group optimization guidelines by ad group ID.


* NotParticipatingInMarketplaceReason: Returns reasons for an ad not participating in a marketplace.
* getAdsByAdGroupByParticipatesInMarketplace: Returns ads by ad group by marketplace participation.


* getKeywordsByAdGroupBySponsoredSearchBidStatus: Returns keywords by ad group by Sponsored Search bid status.
* getReasonsForKeywordNotParticipatingInMarketplace: Returns reasons for a keyword not participating in a marketplace.
* getKeywordsByAdGroupByParticipatesInMarketplace: Returns keywords by ad group by marketplace participation.
* getSponsoredSearchMinBidForKeywordString: Returns Sponsored Search min bid by keyword.
* getSponsoredSearchMinBidForKeywordStrings: Returns Sponsored Search min bid for multiple keywords.
* getSponsoredSearchMinBidForKeywordOptimizationGuidelines: Returns Sponsored Search min bid for keyword optimization guidelines.

What Do I Need to Do?
We suggest that you first experiment with Version 4.0.0 in the EWS sandbox, make any required changes to your client application and test your implementation. Then, be ready to switch over to production when the product release is ready.

For more information about our versioning process, please read our Versioning FAQs here.

If you have further questions, please contact your Technical Account Manager or


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So whaddya think – a good update? Does this mean small(er) businesses targeting long tail keywords could be the main beneficiaries of this? Anything else jump out at you?

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