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America’s Next Top Search Engine (Naked Super) Model

September 15, 2009 |

Let’s just say it’s a quiet afternoon in the office; your minions are taking longer than usual to get their change out of the vending… Read More

Business Blogging: Be a Local Vocal Yokel.

March 20, 2009 |   ,

You’d think that without cable TV and an over-the-air antenna that only manages to pick up a desperately fuzzy local Fox station but a decent… Read More

SES New York: Speaking at Blogging for Business Session (Take 2)

  I never got round to filling you in as to what went down at SES Chicago, did I? Not that you remember nor care… Read More

I’m Off to Speak at SES Chicago – Extra Bluster in Windy City

December 2, 2008 |   ,

  By hook or by crook I’ve always managed to avoid public speaking engagements. Whether it’s a case of getting lost in London during rush… Read More

Blogs become more main stream, but not Mainstream

October 23, 2008 |   , ,

One of the great things about blogs is that there appears to be as many different interpretations and definitions as to what they are as… Read More

Blogs are Crap – More Fallout from the WVU eMBA Scandal

Rarely do I literally stop everything I’m doing to read an article.  Or post a comment.  Or write a blog.  I hit the trifecta today.… Read More

I Wandered Lonely as a (Tag) Cloud

August 6, 2008 |   ,

If you go and take a look at the new archives page I’ve thrown up, you’ll notice (in descending order) a search form, monthly archives,… Read More

If I Sold Cell Phones…On Dropping your Blackberry in the Toilet

I often make analogies to flushing things down the toilet.  Often times those analogies are about money, so that’s how I know I’ve gotten old. … Read More

You Don’t Get This at Starbucks

July 22, 2008 |   ,

  A man walks into a coffee shop and asks for a cappa-frappa-lappa-dappa-ding-dong over ice and is told in no uncertain terms that he’s not… Read More

Which Twittering Twit…

July 17, 2008 |   , ,

…after being explained the intricacies of Twitter said, of a tweet’s 140 character posting limit, “Is that per month?” a) My lovely wife, Stephanie. b)… Read More

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