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It’s Good to Talk

I’ve been imagining you all this past couple of weeks frantically opening your bookmarks or feed reader in squeaky anticipation of either a new blog… Read More

Don’t be an Outrageous Waster

September 10, 2007 |

Every time I turn the TV on I’m confronted by some British TV actor who seems to have made a B-line for the states and… Read More

Steering Clear of Clueless Cliches and Bizarre Buzzwords

August 21, 2007 |  

It intrigues my why we use cliches. The most preposterous cliché users tend to be sportsmen, politicians, and business types of every persuasion. It’s a… Read More

(Ab)normal Service May Now Resume.

August 16, 2007 |  

I feel kinda bad for not having blogged on here for the past week or so. I could make excuses about conferences and such, but… Read More

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Wheezing

August 5, 2007 |   ,

One of the reasons I look slightly brow-beaten in my older years has something to do with my three paper routes I did as a… Read More

Blogging: Disciplined Intuition

July 1, 2007 |   ,

There’s no denying that blogging can be be slightly difficult. Not difficult in the sense of finger-numbing, mind-numbing or soul-destroying hard work – just in… Read More

From Irate to Loyal Supporter

Father’s Day came around whenever it was. I have trouble keeping it straight without a calendar because it’s not accompanied with as much fanfare as… Read More

Online Marketing: Innovations That Work Conference

June 27, 2007 |   , , , , , ,

We’re currently in the process of organizing the Online Marketing: Innovations That Work Conference that’s taking place on August 16,

Paul Woodhouse Joins Direct Online Marketing

Alright, drum roll. I am very pleased to announce that Paul Woodhouse has joined us. Paul’s first post will follow shortly, but being a modest… Read More

Do Not be Better than Me or I will Sue

December 11, 2006 |  

A little while ago I read about some crazy parents in San Francisco. If you don’t feel like clicking the link because it would mean… Read More

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