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By Jonathan Bentz| 4 Min Read | June 27, 2022
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Whether you want to admit it or not, implementing GA4 is now… inevitable! Knowing that, there’s no better time to start your Google Analytics 4 training than, well, now!

Learn more about your new go-to Analytics platform – featuring insights and commentary straight from experts inside Google – in our upcoming webinar on July 14, 2022.

Maybe you’re someone who already has strong Google Analytics muscles, or you’re at least comfortable with the platform. Are you sure that there’s nothing you could possibly learn from DOM’s analytics experts?

Are you willing to bet your data on that? All of your data?

It’s not like the last few years. The moment the clock strikes midnight on July 1, 2023, your beloved Universal Analytics won’t work anymore. You’d better have your analytics ducks in a row or you’ll be staring at a whole new events-based data model.

If you just try to recreate everything in GA4 that you’ve come to expect from Universal Analytics, you’ll be missing out on a whole heaping helping of new ways to analyze about your website’s data.

Don’t you want to be ready? Don’t you want to know what you’re getting into?

From seasoned pro to analytics newbie, if you have a website or somebody up the org chart expects you to know how it works, you’d better be prepared.

Do you have a couple of hours to spend on a free Google Analytics 4 training webinar?

Can you afford not to?

If you just answered “yes” to the first question and “no” to the second, please click the banner below to get registered for our next webinar.

Google Analytics 4 Training - Are You Ready To Leverage It's Insights?

Regardless of whether or not you’ve already implemented GA4, are you ready to use it to provide your marketing team with meaningful insights?

You don’t have to dread the day when you need to use GA4 to get the same insights you’ve come to expect from Universal Google Analytics.

You need to invest in careful planning and strategy to get meaningful insights from your data. This upcoming webinar is the perfect starting point for you to reimagine your measurement strategy for digital campaigns.

Meet The Speakers For Our Google Analytics 4 Training Webinar:

Speaker: Dan Walsh
Agency Development Manager, Google

Dan is an Agency Development Manager at Google and focuses on supporting digital agencies and their clients to get the most out of the Google Ads ecosystem. With more than 15 years in the media industry across Fortune 500 companies as well as scrappy startups, Dan enjoys helping clients of all sizes to get the best out of their advertising investments.

Featured Analyst: Steve D’Angelo
Senior Digital Analyst, DOM

DOM Senior Digital Advertising Analyst Steve D’Angelo is certified in multiple disciplines of digital marketing and advertising from Google (including Google Analytics) and HubSpot. He has spent his entire career helping growing and enterprise companies in data-driven industries like healthcare, technology, and insurance create actionable measurement strategies so they can fully utilize their complex analytics setups.

Featured Analyst: Dana Schumacher
Senior Digital Analyst, DOM

DOM Senior Digital Analyst Dana Schumacher is a Google Analytics Qualified Individual who was one of the first hires at DOM specifically dedicated to campaign analysis. Prior to joining our team to help our clients grow their SEO and social media campaigns with greater confidence, Dana spent over a decade serving as an in-house analyst for publicly traded enterprises, eCommerce companies, and software development firms.

Speaker: Justin Seibert
President, DOM

DOM President and 20-year digital marketing veteran Justin Seibert started in the field in 2001 as a one-man digital marketing department for an LA-based firm; in 2006 he founded DOM and has grown it into a top 200 Premier Google Partner who’s worked with clients on every populated continent.

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