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How to Develop a Snapchat Branding Strategy

By Kevin Hein| 3 Min Read | July 16, 2020
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Is the Snapchat branding strategy applicable to all businesses? This is a question that comes to the mind of every business owner or marketer in today’s date.  

Many businesses scratch their heads, wondering if Snapchat is only an app for sharing snaps with friends, or can it be a valuable tool for branding strategy? 

Do you know the video views on Snapchat are a whopping 8 billion views per day? Therefore, it can give your business an instant outreach to millions of Snapchat users within seconds.  

Snapchat Branding Strategy: A Brief Summary 

If you are a business owner or a marketer thinking about developing a Snapchat Branding Strategy, here are seven easy steps to create an impactful one.  

Provide Value for Everyone 

As a brand, you must try to add value for each consumer you share your Snapchat stories with, and this value must be consistent throughout the entire story. Snapchat is an incredibly effective platform to build your brand affinity with your target audience.  

 Be Innovative  

Be innovative and brave, but do not be a daredevil. Snapchat is a great way to try something creative, but it does not have to be a risky affair. Therefore, you must learn how your consumers respond to the content you create.  

This is an excellent platform for startup companies, so they are not afraid to try something exciting and innovative to entice their Snapchat audience.  

Give a Sneak Peek 

It is always good to give your consumers a sneak peek or a behind-the-scenes look into your organization. This is an effective way to attract new users and engage with your existing clientele.  

Get Influencer’s Help 

The influencers on Snapchat and other social networking platforms are the celebrities of the digital world. They already have followers reaching thousands and sometimes millions in numbers. 

 Getting these influencers on board to promote or showcase your brand in their stories will give you instant access to thousands of Snapchat users.  

Be Optimistic but Realistic 

It looks like Snapchat is best for growing your target audience and creates constant ongoing engagements. Many companies have used Snapchat to manage sweepstakes, such as the San Diego Chargers.  

However, you must stay realistic about your forecast and expectations for conversion.  

Use Snapchat Features 

An effective Snapchat strategy will not fulfill all the desires of your audience. However, it will give them a small taste of the information to keep them engaged. You must utilize every tool at your disposal on Snapchat, such as adding vibrancy, a mix of drawings, and text to entice your audience into engagement with your message.  

Use Snapchat with Limited Sources 

If you are a marketer considering the Snapchat branding strategy for your company, you are in luck. Snapchat currently offers opportunities that require little to zero investment to get started. Therefore, now is a perfect time to break into Snapchat and figure out how this application can help you promote your brand.  

Ask Yourself 

Now that you know how to develop a Snapchat branding strategy, all you need to do is ask yourself if Snapchat is the right platform for your business? We believe it is worth testing this social networking platform to see if the opportunities available are worth your time and effort. If you need help in creating a brand strategy for Twitter, reach out to our team. 

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Written by Kevin Hein

Kevin is the senior web/graphic designer at DOM. His experience lies in designing responsive websites, logos, emails, flyers, brochures, and all other things visual. He works with the development team, providing them with overall design direction, and the graphic assets needed for front-end development.

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