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How to Take Advantage of the New Quora Advertising Platform

By Nikki Powley| 3 Min Read | June 30, 2017
quora advertising

Since 2009, Quora has been a platform for users to ask questions and get answers. The content of questions spans more than 400,000 topics from technology, psychology, sports, business, and more.

Quora also features more than 40 million monthly US users that create and expand content daily. Considering how large their user base is, the newly offered Quora advertising feature is something marketers and other business owners should be taking advantage of.

How to Create a Quora Advertising Campaign

You’ve made a great first step visiting the DOM blog. We’re early adopters of Quora advertising and are ready to share our early learnings and results.

Launching a campaign begins in Quora ads manager. It’s a lightweight interface that has far less setting options than marketers would see in Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Campaign structure mirrors other platforms with Campaign -> Ad Sets -> Ads.

1. Name your campaign, choose an objective to either drive conversions or increase app installs, and set a budget.


2. Next, you’re on to ad sets and selecting topics. Quora allows you to enter specific keywords that would be of interest to your target and matches those keywords to Quora topics. In the example below, I used “online marketing and sem strategies” as my keywords and then selected the topics I found to be the most relevant.

You will also need to set a maximum cost per click (CPC) bid and based on this amount the summary section will update with the overall number of impressions you could see based on your campaign budget and max CPC.


3. You’re almost ready to launch! The final step to campaign setup is putting in ads (which is the fun part). Quora ads are text only but do have pretty generous character limits to capture the attention of potential leads.


4. Don’t forget the conversion pixel. Before your ads go live, make sure to install the Quora conversion pixel on your website. It has to go on the page of the event you would like to track. For example,

Not sure about guidelines for making your first Quora ad? Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help get you started:

Quora Ad Guideline Cheat Sheet

Headline Sentence:

  • Maximum of 65 characters
  • Must end with a period or question mark

Body Text:

  • Maximum of 105 characters
  • Must end with a period, question mark, or exclamation point

Also Includes:

  • Landing page URL
  • Display URL
  • Drop down menu of call to actions to associate with your ad

With the four steps above you’re ready to advertise on Quora. Yay!

Our Quora Results

The Quora advertising program has only been out of beta for about two months. However, we’ve been pleased with seeing early conversion rates at 13%. Hint: the average conversion rate on Google is 2.7% and 6% for LinkedIn.

To get the best results from any pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in any platform, you need to be continuously reviewing, adjusting what’s not working, and experimenting with new settings and ad copy.

It can be daunting, but I have more good news – the talented marketers at Direct Online Marketing can save the day! For more than 11 years, we’ve relieved the day-to-day optimization and continuous experimentation stress from businesses around the world.

Seriously, we love this stuff and give free SEM consultations.

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