How to Use Twitter Effectively for Business

By C-L Team| 4 Min Read | August 6, 2020
How to Use Twitter for Business | How to Use X for Business | Twitter Icon on Keyboard

Are you a business owner or marketer, wondering if you can effectively use Twitter for business growth? The answer is, “yes.” 

With a focused strategy and actions, your Twitter account can prove to be a lead generating powerhouse. You can get more Twitter users to follow your profile, which will increase your outreach to more audiences on these followers’ lists.  

8 Ways to Use Twitter for Business 

Social Networks provide many opportunities and instant access to target audiences regarding promoting business, brands, products, and services. Here are eight ways to effectively use Twitter to facilitate your business’s recognition and growth in the market, locally and globally.  

Implementing Twitter Cards 

Do you wish every tweet you post stand out? Twitter cards are a great tool to make it possible. You can even set up your business’s website to ensure that the product image displays in their tweets whenever a consumer shares your post.  

Building Your Following 

If your Twitter audience is well-targeted and engaged, they will definitely follow you. It will increase your number of followers and benefit your business. Use keywords to target your potential clients. As you get more followers, you will see an increase in traffic on your website as well.  

Collaborating with Influencers 

Engaging with influencers is probably the easiest and most efficient way to promote your business. The outreach of Twitter influencers creates an opportunity for you to gain more audience, engagement, and increased traffic to your brand’s website.  

Using Twitter Ads 

You can use Twitter ads to target the audience on your existing email list. Mostly, they are the people who have previously chosen to hear from your business. So, they are the most approachable audience via your Twitter ads.  

Using Hashtags 

Use Twitter hashtags, but using the right one is the key. Statistics show that using 1 or 2 hashtags in a tweet drives more engagement than those using three or more. You can either create your unique hashtags or even use hashtags from leading brands in your niche.  

It will increase your visibility as the users searching those hashtags will see your business in search results.  

Researching Your Competitor’s Following 

It may help you to see what your competitors are doing right to engage users on Twitter. See which of their posts get more responses and what the quality of their content is.  

All this data will help you develop a strategy that works best to attract your target audience and engage more people to follow you.  

Setting-up UTM Tracking 

It may look and sound a little complicated, but you have to set it once. It will offer a brilliant and powerful insight to analyze any links you shared.  

UTM tracking also provides additional info about your links, such as where users clicked on these links and what happened once they did. You will need to create a unique URL for every link you post on your Twitter account.  

UTM tracking allows you to track sales, conversions, and bounce rates.  

Using Pinned Tweets 

Twitter will allow you to pin a tweet at the top of your Twitter timeline. Whenever someone visits your profile, they will see that tweet first. So you can use that tweet to state your business’s slogan, brand’s motto, a welcome message, or the latest promotion with a link.  

Use What Fits 

You may need some or all of the above tactics to use Twitter for business growth, recognition, and increased conversion rates. However, it would be best if you regularly tweeted to stay relevant within your niche in the social network market. If you need help in creating a brand strategy for Twitter, connect with our team today. 

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