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How You Can Use Hyperlocal Ad Campaigns

By Jim Foreman| 3 Min Read | December 22, 2020
how you can use hyperlocal ad campaigns

As we discussed in our previous post about hyperlocal SEO, one of the most surprising trends we see in digital marketing is in the search for businesses or services “near me.” The global pandemic has only slightly slowed the growth of these opportunities. With a vaccine and, hopefully, a reverse in the infection rate on the horizon, it’s safe to expect that this trend will continue into 2021. Hyperlocal digital ads are a resource you can’t overlook, even in this Very Troublesome Year.

It’s Not Just For Restaurants

Sure, hyperlocal ads make sense for restaurants and book stores. But you’ll find it works for lots of other businesses, too. Why is that? Because a hyperlocal lead is reliably solid. After all, they’re not just searching for businesses that sell what they’re looking for, they’re looking for businesses that sell what they’re looking for near them. By putting your business in those high-quality, hyperlocal SERPs, you’re making your presence known. Even if you’re operating with limited hours or occupancies, you can attract foot traffic and local awareness by targeting extremely specific areas.

We’re All In This Together

Even if you don’t have a business model that specifically relies on foot traffic, a storefront, or even a customer-facing office, you can still benefit from hyperlocal PPC strategies. One of the few silver linings in this Most Difficult Year has been the renewed awareness of the companies in our community that need our help. These folks live alongside us, use the same libraries and swimming pools, and shop at the same stores. By targeting an audience that lives or works near you, you can tap into some of the neighborly goodwill that has us all looking out for each other. 

Geotargeting Based on Interstates

If we’re talking about local SEO, you know we’re going to bring up geotargeting. DOM expert Matt Heckathorn realized that admissions to his company’s rehab facility correlated with interstate connections. This will be no surprise to anybody who follows the drug trade and the paths it takes through this part of the country—interstates are a primary transportation vector for all varieties of shipping, even the black market. If law enforcement can use the interstate system as a rough map of where drugs are being sold, it only follows that a rehabilitation facility could best serve its community by targeting those areas, too. 

You might find that this approach could work for you, too. Instead of targeting zip codes of where your customers live and work (or in addition to targeting those zip codes), you could isolate the often-overlooked addresses of the interstate connections. You might be surprised by what you find, and by the conversions you get.

For help with other opportunities you might be overlooking, get in touch with us today.

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