New Year’s Resolutions: Digital Marketing Edition

New Years Resolutions

That magical time of the year has come around again. Yes, it is time to make your new year’s resolutions.

To help you get started, the talented team at DOM has put together our favorites for digital marketing.

New Year’s Resolutions 2019: The Digital Marketing Edition

1. Spend Less $

Check Your PPC Campaigns for Broad Keywords Today

Nikki PowleyFrom Nikki Powley, Director of Operations

Reviewing an account for broad match keywords is one of the first things I do when completing an AdWords account audit. They are one of the biggest offenders in the wasted spend category.

There are three keyword match types: exact, phrase, and broad. Straight broad match keywords allow ads to show for your keyword and any variation of the keyword that Google believes could be similar.

For example, you add the keyword “shoes”. Your ad could display for searches of women’s shoes, tennis shoes, or even horseshoes.

If you want to reach a larger audience, but not horse owners, utilize the fourth match type (I know I said three, but stick with me). Modified broad keywords are created by adding a + before words. This requires a user’s search phrase to include a synonym of each word in the modified broad keyword. For example, +womens +shoes allows ads to trigger for variations of women’s shoes like ladies’ shoes, but ads will not show for unrelated terms like kids shoes or horseshoes.

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2. Save More $

Leverage SEO For Your Top Converting Search Queries In Google Ads

Jonathan BentzFrom Jonathan Bentz, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

If you have been running an AdWords campaign or any other paid search campaigns, then you can review your list of Steptop search queries in the account and use that information to customize a results-oriented SEO strategy.

Here’s an actionable step by step process:

  1. Download your list of top converting search queries from your advertising campaigns
  2. Sort the list by the search queries with the highest volume of conversions
  3. Improve your keyword rankings in organic search for the top converting queries by optimizing
    • Page title
    • Meta description
    • Content on the page
    • Image alt tagging
      • Search the other pages of your site with an “intext” search operator in Google to uncover keyword rich link opportunities.
      • Here’s a sample search query – intext:”AdWords”.
      • This search will uncover mentions of your top converting queries inside the body of content across your entire domain.
        • Adding these internal links will improve the relevance of your page for the converting keyword, and reduce the likelihood that Google will consider another page on your site to be a better result.

Historically, studies have indicated a potential lift in clicks of as much as 53% when a brand appears in the top positions of paid and organic search. While those numbers may have changed some with Google’s current layout, the opportunity is still there for the taking to improve your conversions and traffic from organic search in 2019.

3. Lose Weight

Let Go Of Keywords You Love If They Aren’t Getting You Conversions

Leland ReedFrom Leland Reed, Digital Advertising Manager

Losing weight can be tough. Letting go of bad habits that are impeding your progress is one of the hardest steps to committing to weight loss. The same can be said about making changes to your PPC account.

You thought for sure that keyword was going to work, right? You just needed to find the perfect combination of ad text and bidding. As the days and weeks go by, the keyword is getting plenty of impressions but no clicks. You know with a little more TLC, you can make it work.

If this sounds like you, maybe it is time to let go of that keyword and start fresh. Don’t be afraid to get rid of anything in your campaigns that is not working. By cutting out poor performing keywords, you can save money and time which will allow you to try new, exciting things in your account.

4. Travel More

Take Advantage Of Every Feature In Your Google My Business Listing

Stephanie MahnkenFrom Stephanie Mahnken, Senior Search Marketing Specialist

Throughout 2018, Google My Business (GMB) has really ramped up the game for local businesses, making it easier than ever for you to get in front of local customers. This is a good thing as more than 70% of users are now making their transactions on a Google search result page versus visiting a website. Some studies have also shown that using more of the GMB features can actually increase your local visibility.

And the best part? GMB is free!

Here’s a recap of some of the new features added over the last year:

  • Google My Business Posts
    • Eye-catching offers & updates not at the top of mobile search
      • What’s New
      • Events
      • Offers
      • Products
  • Business Description
    • A chance to tell your customers why you are better than the competition
  • Questions and Answers
    • A great place to include FAQs
  • Service Area Business Updates
    • You get to choose to show your address or hide it
    • Include your service area by city, zip, or region
  • Business Opens Date
    • Can list Est. date or Opening Date

While it can be time-consuming, completing and updating your listing consistently is absolutely worth the effort.

Bonus tip: Google wants to show the best possible results to its users so remember to be thorough, honest, and don’t try to add a target keyword or geographical keyword phrase to your business name if they are not part of how customers would identify you!

5. Grow Professionally

Look At Core Metrics Less And Focus On Long-Term Growth

Adam Roth, Director of Growth and Analysis

From Adam Roth, Director of Growth and Analysis

When you focus on increasing long-term growth rates, you are looking at the rate of change of core metrics over an extended period of time. Growth does not always mean an increase in total revenues, as that growth in revenue also depends on the size of your industry and the interest of your search queries over time.

Short term clients should expect to see an increase in linear growth, while long-term clients can expect to see an increase in logarithmic growth.

6. Read More

Keep Up On The Latest Digital Marketing Trends By Adding More Blogs To Your Feeds

Stephen HoopsFrom Stephen Hoops, Content Marketing Specialist

We all know that reading is better for personal development, yet most of us don’t set aside the necessary time to do so on a regular basis. You could try to read more top-selling business books, but keeping up on the latest trends will give you an edge that those books can’t.

There are so many blogs and publishers out there to read in the world of digital marketing that this list will come down to personal preference. But to keep things simple with your resolutions, here are 3 go-to blogs.

SEO – Search Engine Journal

SEO is changing all the time, but so is the world of PPC. To make sure you don’t miss out any big changes in the world of search, be sure to add Search Engine Journal to your list of blogs to read in 2019.

Social Media – Social Media Examiner

With tons of tips and insights from professionals in the world of social media, Social Media Examiner should help shed some light on a channel that can be hard to get right.

Content Marketing – Content Marketing Institute

Content creation continues to grow in popularity as more and more marketers turn to this tactic in their efforts. With its increasing ties to social media and SEO, Content Marketing Institute is one of the best places to keep up with all of the latest trends and research to help your team make content work for you.

7. Learn Something New

Extract New Insights From Your Data

Steve D'AngeloFrom Steve D’Angelo, Senior Digital Advertising Specialist

Saying digital marketers have access to lots of data is an understatement. But more data does not always equate to more insight.

Finding new ways to segment data can uncover the magic bullet that leads to your client crushing it in 2019.

8. Be Creative

Create Videos To Show Off Your Business Or Brand

ADRIANA PARRA GONZÁLEZFrom Adriana Parra González, Bilingual Digital Marketing Coordinator

It’s never too late to start being creative. Make 2019 the year your business stands out with a short video that shows who you are.

Why don’t you make more than one? Show what you sell and why your product is different from the others!

Then, test TrueView videos as a part of your PPC strategy. With video advertising, you choose the audience that (might be/is) interested in your product and you decide how much you want to pay. You can run different videos formats and length. Your video will appear on YouTube and throughout the Google Display Network.

9. Enjoy Life To The Fullest

Get The Most Out Of Your PPC Campaigns With Some CRO

From Mike Criswell, Digital Advertising Strategist

This year, ensure that you are getting the most out of your PPC campaigns by doing a bit of conversion rate optimization.

A great start would be to run A/B or multivariate tests on your PPC landing pages. Test your current landing pages against as many variants as you can to ensure that your landing pages are top notch and getting you as many conversions as possible.

Also, don’t forget that just because you get improvements with one variant does not mean that there is no better option. Always keep testing!

Now Go Get Started!

This list doesn’t only include tactics you can use as a New Year’s resolution, almost all of them can be implemented today and included in your digital marketing strategy at any time of the year! You can also check out the rest of our blog for more tips and tricks.

From the entire DOM team, Happy New Year and best wishes for a successful 2019!

Nikki Powley

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