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How To Make the Google Knowledge Panel Work For You

The Google knowledge panel gets clicks and attention – it’s usually the first thing you see when you search for a business, brand, or noteworthy… Read More

Stand Out From The Crowd: Your Guide to Google Maps Promoted Pins

Welcome! I’m glad you’ve stopped by to learn about a new Google AdWords feature—Promoted Pins. It was officially announced in May, and we broke the… Read More

You Are Killing People if You Haven’t Optimized Your Hospital for Local Search!

A potential patient grabs her mobile phone and searches for the number to her local hospital, locates the number, hits call and it rings and… Read More

Through the Local Search-Looking iPad Glass

January 28, 2010 |   , , ,

More useful: iPad or eyepad? Apple has performed a great service for those of us who have ruined our eyesight using their iPhone and iPod… Read More

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