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  • BS at West Virginia University
  • MS at West Virginia University
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Leland Reed

Lead Digital Advertising Strategist

Among the digital services DOM offers, pay-per-click is one of our most numbers-focused time-intensive undertakings. Creating profitable PPC campaigns and scaling them to a client’s goals is both art and science.

Leland Reed, DOM’s Lead Digital Advertising Strategist, crafts and helps the PPC team customize ad buying strategies for numerous clients.

Leland’s paramount concern is client return on investment, something he and his team begin working to accomplish even before a campaign goes live. He mentors a team of PPC strategists and account managers through a client-product analysis phase. Determining the most efficient initial spend means exceeding profitability goals for the client.

In other words, Leland’s digital advertising philosophy means performing due diligence on client products and services prior to campaign launches as a way to cut down on the figuring-it-out phase where some PPC buyers start.

Leland works closely with clients in the e-commerce, SaaS, and higher education verticals. He and the team focus acutely on consumer behavior. They construct paid campaigns that track a consumer’s online journey, and thereby drive qualified leads based on consumer interest and actions.

Whether managing search, social or display ads, Leland and the team have a long history of success. By working with advertising platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, and more, DOM’s strategists are able to maximize brand exposure and ROI.

While Leland may not be a client’s direct point of contact, he remains involved strategically in many advertising accounts. He makes himself available, day or night or weekend, to any client who wants to discuss their account.

Leland received his M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. He’s one of WVU’s most passionate fans: he hasn’t missed a home football game since 2003. Unfortunately for him, WVU’s football program often gives him a bad case of analysis paralysis.

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