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A High Growth Micro Moments Marketing Example For Treatment Centers

By Leland Reed| 4 Min Read | September 7, 2022
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In 2015, Google introduced micro-moments as a way to capture users at times when they are actively turning to a device to find what they need. The main focus was on four micro moments example scenarios:

  • I want-to-know
  • I want-to-go
  • I want-to-do
  • I want-to-buy

Those four moment types and how to reach users have really become the basis for everything Google does with Google Ads today. Look at Discovery Ads and Performance Max. Both of those campaign types are all about reaching users when they are in one of the four moments above.

With that being said, we were skeptical of Google’s push to micro-moments for a long time. It wasn’t until we found an opportunity to capture one of those micro-moments with a client that we became true believers.

We are fortunate to work with a leading eating disorder recovery center with locations in California, Alabama, and Missouri. In 2020, they saw an explosion of raw leads from digital advertising, growing by 1,611%.

Additionally, MQLs grew at an exponential 800%.

The following year, they saw the same type of growth. Raw leads grew by 1,469% and MQLs grew by 185% in 2021. That massive jump in the number of raw leads was caused by the capture of a micro-moment within their website.


How We Used This ‘I Want To Do’ Micro Moment To Grow Leads For This Treatment Center

In the search query data we were seeing from Google Search campaigns, we noticed a theme of people searching for things such as “anorexia survey,” “bulimia quiz,” and “how do I know if I have an eating disorder.” This treatment center was quick to capitalize on this data and created an eating disorder survey on their website. The survey was a guide for users to discover on their own if they needed help.

The survey was there for the user in their time of need, meaning they did not leave the site for a competitor. This allowed the treatment center to get the user in their funnel, increasing the chance that they would then get a chance to help the person in need.

That survey was the catalyst for the explosion of growth in raw leads we have generated for them over the last two years. In addition to simply scaling their overall numbers, the leads generated have also been qualified, too. There is a strong correlation between their overall increase in MQL volume as well.

It was also the catalyst to getting me to truly believe in micro-moments as more than another Google buzzword that would go away with time.

As my good buddy Jim said a few months ago, get your micro-moments right, and your website can be an effective, efficient growth machine for your business.

What Pros Like You Need To Know About This Micro Moments Example

Learning from this micro moments example has completely changed the way we view tools such as a survey to draw more users into the funnel. In this example, the leads from the survey are very high funnel, but we found that focusing on lower funnel leads and trying to pull in less survey responses from advertising actually had a major impact on leads moving through the funnel from all sources, not just advertising.

At the end of the day, our job as marketers is to drive leads or sales, but it feels like we can get too focused on the bottom of the funnel, and only pay attention to form fills or sales. These ultimately move the needle, but what can we do to push more volume down the funnel to increase leads or sales?

As much as we would have hated to admit it a few years ago, the answer in a lot of cases is focusing on micro moments. Be there in the moments when your customer needs you, no matter how big or small the moment is, and you’re setting yourself up for success.

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