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Lightning Fast: Reason #68 Why We Love PPC

Yesterday we received a pretty fun call from one of our clients who is the market leader in their field.  Not involving an uncommon situation,… Read More

Never Ever Ever Dev Test a Site w/o Blocking Spiders

I’m not a big believer in the words “never” or “always,” but am going to use it here like the Yeti in Monsters, Inc. “Rule… Read More

Goals are Your Friend in Google Analytics (Unlike France in the World Cup)

Update: USA! USA! USA! Update 2: England advances, putting both official DOM rooting interests through to the next round. Since the television down here in… Read More

What’s the Difference between Yandex and Google AdWords?

I’m glad you asked. Great timing as I was just thinking about this. If you’re not familiar already, Yandex is the 7th largest search engine… Read More

Google Facts & Figures Chart

Once upon a time there was an iddy-biddy search engine that went by the name of Google. It was run by some of the most… Read More

Understanding Local Search from Pittsburgh PA to Pittsbug KS

Many of our clients (and readers) are concerned with getting traffic and buyers from throughout the United States or from all over the world.  An… Read More

Google Ads Audits

December 4, 2009 |   ,

Just a quick housekeeping note: we wanted to announce a site we launched offering Google Ads audits. Good for Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter, too,… Read More

America’s Next Top Search Engine (Naked Super) Model

September 15, 2009 |

Let’s just say it’s a quiet afternoon in the office; your minions are taking longer than usual to get their change out of the vending… Read More

Yahoo! & Microsoft Sign Search Deal Prenup

July 30, 2009 |   , ,

Well the world of search is all a flutter with news of the merger between Yahoo! and Microsoft. It’s by no means easy to avoid,… Read More

Learn How to Search – It’s on for Young and Old.

Back in February, Hitwise released a report highlighting a 20% increase in 8 word keyword searches over the previous year and that searches containing 5… Read More

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