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Mobile Search is the Future. Are You Ready?

February 8, 2011 |   , , ,

How does Google envision the future in 5 years? Google executive Tim Reis recently spoke at a Pittsburgh Advertising Federation event in Pittsburgh and revealed… Read More

Germany: Prostitution Legal, Google Analytics Not

So just days after adding Google Analytics to a prospective German client’s site, I see this article entitled Google Analytics Targeted by Data Protection Officials:… Read More

Pew Generations 2010 Shows Search at #2 and Blogging AWOL

December 22, 2010 |  

So, Pew decides to do one of its inimitable research surveys into internet usage and here’s how it shakes down: As far as takeaways go,… Read More

Yahoo Cuts 4% of Workforce, Kills Delicious

December 15, 2010 |  

You may be right in thinking that we’re a bit Google-centric in these parts. It’s not bias, rather a reflection of their dominance in the… Read More – Google’s Personal Fashion Shopper

November 17, 2010 |   , ,

Here’s one for all you fashionistas lurking in the bowels of our digital marketing blog. Today, Google launched “a personalized shopping experience that lets… Read More

Google Instant Previews Makes SERPs Look Like a 2007 Blog Directory

November 9, 2010 |  

I’m probably the last person you should talk to about anything instantaneous on Google as I’ve yet to watch the screen for longer than a… Read More

Yahoo! Search Officially Dead: Long Live Microsoft adCenter

Just like Yahoo! Search Marketing, we’ve given you a heads up here on our digital marketing blog about Yahoo! Search Marketing transitioning to Microsoft adCenter. … Read More

Bing & Yahoo! Transitioning in a Tree

July 23, 2010 |   ,

Are you ready? Did you know? Do you care? ….about the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance. Yes, the time is nearly upon us as pointed… Read More

The Decision Engine, Twitter Search & Trying to Find a Non-Charred LeBron Jersey

July 9, 2010 |   , , ,

Nobody, I mean nobody, does sporting soap opera quite like you Americans. That whole LeBronathon last night had it all: the egocentric sporting superstar talking… Read More

Prepping for Yahoo! Microsoft Wonder Twins Search Alliance

As we prepare for the Yahoo! Microsoft Search Alliance when these two superheros say, “Wonder Twins Activate: Form of Chinese-Friendly Google,” we here at Direct Online… Read More

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