Facebook Pages Newest Updates: In Five Minutes or Less

By Nikki Powley| 2 Min Read | August 8, 2015
Facebook Pages Updates


Start the clock. Go!

Not only am I going to give you the latest updates for Facebook Pages, I’m going to do it in 5 minutes or less.

New Icon

Communicating with your fans is a big deal to Facebook. They are ready to reward active brands with this new icon.

When this icon appears below a brand’s cover photo, it means:

  • They respond to 90% of messages
  • Replies are sent within an average of 5 minutes after a message is received (Hint: this is part of my 5-minute theme)

. . . 0:30

4:30 to go.

Messaging Feature

Pages now have the ability to respond privately to fan comments on Posts or on the Page’s wall.

For anyone who has managed a Page for a business, this is great news. Sometimes fans have questions that cannot be answered in the public space, for privacy or other customer-service reasons. And sometimes comments are just downright mean, untrue, and/or unnecessary.

To respond privately, Page admins simply need to click Message in the fan’s comment and a private message will be generated with the original post included. Plus, there will be a notice that the Page responded privately so other fans will know that the comment was acknowledged.

. . . 1:00

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Local Awareness

The local awareness option in Facebook Ads has a shiny new call-to-action button: “Send Message” will link ad viewers directly to the brand via a private message.

Just remember, if you opt to activate this feature, you probably want to make sure you are also bestowed the title of “Very responsive to messages.”

. . . 1:15 


Hey look! You still have 3:45 left.

I recommend you use this time wisely. Check out all of the awesome services DOM has to offer. And sign up for our event Grow with Google: Get Found in Frederick.

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