New AdWords Features: Your Next Steps

Google AdWords Updates

Google just announced that major changes are coming soon to an AdWords interface near you.

It’s great to hear about new features and a shiny new AdWords interface, but what does it all mean to your campaigns? Well, you are in the right place. Read on to find your next steps and be in the know before they’re live.

Expanded Text Ads – 50% More Copy Space!

This is a major win for AdWords users that will create more opportunity for creativity and space to describe products or services.

Search text ads will now feature two 30-character headlines and one
80-character description line. A major shift from the current format of one 25-character headline and two 35-character description lines.

Plus, display URLs will automatically pull the landing page domain, and there will now be two directory paths available.
For example:

Next Step:

Start writing new ads today. This is a feature that you absolutely want to take advantage of as soon as it’s live. Be a super star and create two new ad variations for early testing.

(This could be you->) PPC Super Star

Responsive Ads for Display

Currently, Google display ads show to internet users across thousands of websites on the Google Display Network. However, advertisers only have the ability to upload specific image sizes that may not look optimal on all partner websites.

Responsive display ads that are built dynamically by Google will help to ensure your ad looks its best on each site. The ads will automatically resize based on the site’s ad inventory.

Next Step:

These ads will be created in the AdWords interface and feature a brand’s provided headline, description, image, and URL. Start collecting the images you would like to use and get building.

Individual Bid Adjustments for Device Types

We asked . . . we waited. We asked again and . . . we waited.


Now it’s here!

Advertisers will soon be able to create separate bid adjustments for desktop, mobile, and tablets. Also, bid adjustments will have a range up to +900%. A large increase from the current maximum of +400%.

Some of you may be having flashbacks right now. Yes, the option to bid separately for tablets did previously exist, but it was lost when enhanced campaigns were launched.

Next Step:

Start reviewing your campaign performance by device. Once this feature is live, you can set bid adjustments to optimize for the devices that have the highest value to you.

Let’s Go Local with Search Ads for Google Maps

Immediate Step: Hurry to AdWords and make sure you are using location extensions. You’re not? Create them now.

Promoted Pins

Advertisers using location extensions (see why those location extensions are important now?) will soon have the option to launch promoted pins on Google Maps to generate higher awareness of their location. This includes ad copy unique to Google maps allowing businesses to advertise local store promotions.

When a user clicks on a promoted pin, they will be shown an expanded business page featuring the unique promotion and the new ability to search through a store’s inventory.

Next Step:

Get strategizing! Start thinking of unique promotions to run and test.


After reading about these awesome changes, I’m sure you’re ready to get rolling. Hold tight—these features will be rolling out to the public over the next few months. If you’re not sure how to start or need some expert insight on optimizing your campaigns, we’re here for you!

Did you know? Google releases new features in beta before they are live for the public. By working with an agency like Direct Online Marketing, you could be eligible to test updates before your competition.

Why is that you ask? Direct Online Marketing is a Google Partner in their Managed Agency Program. A designation reserved for only the top 200 agencies worldwide. This allows us access to test upcoming AdWords enhancements for our clients during the beta periods.

It’s pretty cool.


Let us know how we can help you here.

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