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Google with Mother

November 19, 2010 |   , ,

Were Google a parent I’d imagine them to be: 1. A white-flight liberal professor type. 2. Classically post-modern. 3. As emotionally warm and huggable as thawing frozen yoghurt.… Read More

Google Ads Audits

December 4, 2009 |   ,

Just a quick housekeeping note: we wanted to announce a site we launched offering Google Ads audits. Good for Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter, too,… Read More

How to Optimize a PDF for SEO Purposes

It used to be that search engine optimization types viewed Adobe products the same way a vampire regarded sunlight.  Thanks to some well-publicized lawsuits resulting… Read More

Yahoo! and Google Split. Is Yahoo! Better Off?

November 6, 2008 |   ,

I don’t know whether you’ve been following the Yahoo! soap opera of late, but I bet you’ve seen the latest installment of the on-off-on again… Read More

Healthcare Marketing Research & Survey Results

On Halloween, we cited some Harris Interactive research regarding how consumers like to find answers to their healthcare questions.  We also asked you “What are… Read More

Ever Wondered How to Become an SEO Professional?

Webmaster The person who usually maintains the content and operational status of a Web server. Most Webmasters are involved with design and development issues for… Read More

On Cuil and Search Engine Reputation Management

Rule #1 for true search engine reputation management: If you’re going to get major press for your new search engine, which is supposed to take… Read More

Are you a John M(a)cCain or a (P)PC Guy?

A few weeks ago, John McCain was asked if he was a Mac or a PC guy, to which he answered: “Neither, I’m an illiterate… Read More

There Were Three in the Bed and the Little One Said…..

April 22, 2008 |   , , ,

It’s happened again. I’m sure I’ve bored you previously with some of my wife’s dream tales, but I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned that I… Read More

Google Billing Problems: Phishing Scam

April 3, 2008 |   ,

Hi all. I normally don’t write about these because they happen all the time, but I’ve had a client and a colleague both email me… Read More

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