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The Difference between Search Marketing and Other Forms of Advertising

January 30, 2007 |  

When all you deal with every day is online marketing, it can sometimes be easy to completely strip yourself of your experience to fully explain… Read More

Go Back, Baby. Momma Needs Drugs

I was reviewing my blog posts recently and saw how often I mention something about my kids. I laughed thinking about how different this digital… Read More

Search Engine Marketing for Schools

November 12, 2006 |   , , ,

When someone asks me what my company does, I usually say that we help businesses increase sales and quality leads through targeted online marketing. If… Read More

The Problem with ESPN…

October 19, 2006 |   ,

Note: Although the specific articles are pretty clean, the links below point to sites that may contain some questionable language (people are pretty passionate about… Read More

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