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Why Internal Linking Still Matters

By DOM Team| 4 Min Read | August 5, 2015
Let's Put Frederick MD on the Map!

Google Frederick MD

Every business on the planet wants their website to rank number one for every keyword that relates to their business.

And why not. Literally billions of users turn to search engines like Google on a daily basis to answer their questions or find what they’re looking for.

A problem, however, lies in the simple fact that the internet is a huge place. Even Google only remains the top search engine worldwide because it quickly and consistently provides value to users. If Google weren’t able to efficiently serve users content highly relevant to their search queries, people just wouldn’t use it.

Your business must strive for the same standards if you want similar results.

For business owners and other marketers located in or near Frederick, MD, you’re in luck! We’re teaming up with folks from Google to teach all about search engine marketing during our free event. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about search engine optimization (SEO), we’ll be talking about all the different factors search engines use to rank websites.

Over 200 Factors . . . and Counting
Visualization of Google Search Data




Google will probably never confirm (nor deny) which specific factors its search algorithm uses to rank websites and how much it weights those factors. And ever since the early days of the internet, website owners have been trying to figure out how to improve their search engine rankings.

It’s been rumored that over 200 factors are considered in Google’s search algorithm. And those factors are continually tweaked to provide the finest user experience.

For example, Google launched a mobile-friendly algorithm back in April 2015 that gave some preference to mobile-friendly websites. With this change in place, a mobile-friendly site would rank higher in search results than a traditional site that presented the same information.

Just a few years earlier, mobile users were only a small percentage of total internet users; thus, being mobile-friendly was not a ranking factor for search engine results.

So with over 200 factors, where do you even start?

Well, one factor that we think will be important in the long term is internal linking.

What is Internal Linking?


An internal link is a link between 2 pages on the same website.

Say you own a sporting goods ecommerce site that points you to the company blog. On that blog, there is a post compiling the top 10 basketball shoes. Since each shoe is available for purchase on the site, you post a direct link for each individual product page. These are all internal links. They share the same root domain.

Basically, any link on a page that takes a user to a different page on the same website is considered an internal link.

Internal links are usually much easier to create and manage than back links. And because of this simplicity, they are often overlooked.


Don’t overlook this SEO low-hanging fruit.

Not only can a defined internal link structure contribute to a positive, intuitive user experience, Google can better understand content on a site with clear, ordered internal links. And thus Google will rank your site higher.

Grow Your Business With Google

Frederick Google GYBO

Search engine marketing is a vast and varied landscape. It takes hard-won know-how to navigate it efficiently.

That’s why we are joining up with folks from Google; we’re excited to expand our knowledge and share what we already know you.

Join us for our free event in Frederick, Maryland.

As a certified Google Partner, Direct Online Marketing has a team of SEO and PPC experts to teach business owners how they can promote their businesses through search engine marketing.

Not only will you learn more about SEO ranking factors, like internal linking, but you can also expect:

  • A delicious Digital Breakfast
  • A presentation by Justin Seibert, DOM’s president, on how to grow your business on Google with Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click marketing tactics
  • An inside scoop from official Google representatives about important trends in 2015
  • A personalized one-on-one evaluation of your website and/or PPC campaign

So join us in Frederick at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center on Tuesday, August 25th. Doors open at 8:30 a.m.

Reserve your seat now.  Spots are going fast.

We love to share our knowledge, and we want to help your business grow with Google.

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