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The Exact Moment I Knew my Life was Over

Justin Seibert | November 14, 2006 |  

You know that moment of recognition when you realize something has changed about you? It’s not possible that it changed right then and there, it’s… Read More

Wasted Marketing & Advertising Dollars

Justin Seibert | November 13, 2006 |  ,

Man I hate me some wasted advertising dollars. Like last night for example. My wife and I were discussing how disappointed we are with our… Read More

Search Engine Marketing for Schools

Justin Seibert | November 12, 2006 |  , , ,

When someone asks me what my company does, I usually say that we help businesses increase sales and quality leads through targeted online marketing. If… Read More

A Great Idea – No a Really Bad One – Aww, I Give Up

The movie business has been in trouble for a little while. People aren’t going to the theatres as often as they used to. Sure one… Read More

“So I can get even with every [expletive] that I wanted to get even with.”

Justin Seibert | November 6, 2006 |  

Best line I’ve heard in awhile: I asked a colleague this morning when he was going to vote. He said, “I always vote on my… Read More

Wikis for the Common Good

Justin Seibert | November 5, 2006 |  

The more tech-savvy among us have known about wikis for some time now. These sites, the most publicized of which is Wikipedia, take advantage of… Read More

Marketing for a Good Cause in a Unique Way

Justin Seibert | November 2, 2006 |

Since I bagged on one aspect of marketing yesterday, I wanted to come back with a positive story. A horse in New Zealand came to… Read More

Political Advertising to Top $2 Billion this Year

Justin Seibert | November 1, 2006 |

Okay, I recognize the fact that I’m a marketer and that I make money by people advertising. And that advertising allows businesses to reach consumers… Read More

The future of Online Advertising

  First, I apologize for not posting yesterday.  Halloween tends to be pretty involved in the Seibert household, although, no, I did not go to… Read More

For the Record

Justin Seibert | October 29, 2006 |  

“Never write anything that you wouldn’t want to end up on the front page of The New York Times.”  That was the advice that my… Read More

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