Our Site Migration Checklist (For Proactive SEO Success)

Is your business is about to complete a major change to your website? If yes, you will want to make sure you make the most of the update with the least amount of disruption to your traffic, rankings, and conversions. To minimize your risk and maximize your success, we recommend you check out this site migration checklist.

Site migrations can be defined a variety of ways:

  • Redesigns where the structure of your website is being changed, re-navigated, or removed
  • Domain names changing as part of a rebrand or merger and acquisition
  • Switches to new frameworks or content management systems. For instance, if you are moving from Kentico to Drupal, or Squarespace to WordPress
  • Making website’s secure (https://) that were previously unsecure (http://)
  • Adding mobile versions of your site to your server
  • Moving to new servers or hosting providers

Whatever your reason for the migration, chances are good that your decision to make the change is going to cause your site to take a hit in its Google rankings.

This change in rankings can also impact traffic from search engines and – ultimately – how many sales and leads you are able to generate from your website.

How bad of a hit – and how long it lasts – depends on your SEO migration strategy. Namely, this comes down to how much you prepare, and how well you execute on it.

Check out our exclusive site migration checklist to ensure your success. You can view and share the image below or download the guide now as a PDF.

The Site Migration Checklist For SEO Success

Site Migration Checklist from DOM

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