Which Crypto Platform Has The Best SEO Strategy?

By Jim Foreman| 10 Min Read | June 14, 2022
SEO for Cryptocurrency | Cryptocurrency SEO | Which Crypto Platform has the best SEO Strategy?

With the rise of legitimate businesses accepting crypto as viable payment options comes an increase in demand for information about cryptocurrencies. Because of that increase in information and interest, there is a greater need than ever for the coin creators and digital wallet platforms to invest in crypto SEO.

This means more people are looking for information about it, more people are actively using it, and more people are interested in buying it.

Where do people go when they want information about something? Yep, you already guessed it: the internet.

Cryptocurrencies are often traded on platforms called exchanges and can also be used to purchase goods and services. The exchanges and platforms use decentralized cryptocurrencies but these platforms themselves are extremely centralized.

Why Do Cryptocurrency Platforms Care About SEO?

While cryptocurrencies themselves are decentralized, the platforms that allow users to buy, sell, and trade crypto can be quite centralized. As with any other online business, these platforms need to ensure that they are visible in search results in order to drive traffic and attract new users.

Many crypto platforms have invested heavily in SEO in order to improve their search rankings and stay ahead of the competition. This includes optimizing content for relevant keywords, working closely with influencers and other SEO experts, and using a variety of other strategies to increase their visibility online.

The Crypto Platform With the Best SEO Strategy: Coinbase

There’s a lot of competition in the crypto platform space. When we did a quick comparison of the four crypto exchanges that ran advertisements during “the Big Game” earlier this year, the clear winner for “Best SEO Strategy By A Crypto Platform” is Coinbase. The numbers don’t lie:

best seo strategy for top crypto platforms

We’ll get to in a second, a platform (similar to eToro) that is being more proactive on their Google Ads strategy than Coinbase. For a quick overview of the success of Coinbase’s SEO strategy, see how many categories monitored by Semrush that the platform rates as the best in comparison to the other three advertisers:

  • Highest Authority Score
  • Highest Semrush Traffic Rank
  • Highest Estimated Monthly Organic Traffic
  • Highest Volume Of Organic Keyword Rankings
  • Highest Total Backlink Count
  • Highest Total Of Referring Domains

To say that Coinbase’s SEO strategy is the best in the industry is tough to argue against. That said, let’s take a look one of the main things we see on site that makes Coinbase an SEO powerhouse – a great page experience.

Successful Crypto SEO Requires A Good Page Experience

We’ve talked a lot about core web vitals, and we’re not going to stop anytime soon. The algorithm update that Google introduced continues to make waves in SERPs all over the internet. As you can see in these reports from Google’s Lighthouse tool, Coinbase’s lean, highly optimized website delivers the goods quickly and easily.

coinbase core web vitals

There are certain things the team at Coinbase could improve if so inclined, but generally speaking the responsiveness of their site is hard to compete against.

Interested in improving the page experience of your crypto platform? We’ve got you covered. Here’s some further reading and resources on how to improve the deliverability of your content.

Opportunities To Improve Core Web Vitals For Kraken

If we’re going to look at a site that passes the Lighthouse test, we should look at one that doesn’t, and shows a boatload of page performance opportunities. While this page gets high marks in other areas, its performance could use a lot of TLC.

google pagespeed insights kraken

The word “performance” is doing a lot of work in this context, so let us break it down real quick: it’s an amalgamation of the core web vitals scores that Google’s tool measured on the page. Specifically, it’s three main criteria:

  • Largest Contentful Paint: the biggest asset, usually an image, displayed on a page
  • First Input Delay: the time from when a user first interacts with your site to the time when the browser is actually able to respond
  • Cumulative Layout Shift: or whether the website changes, or shifts, after it’s loaded in the browser

These factors are not just the markers for a website that works the way it’s supposed to, and provide a great experience for users. As Google has told us, and as our own observations confirm, these core web vitals are significant ranking factors.

Successful Crypto SEO Requires Great Content

It’s no secret (especially to readers of this blog) that good content produced at a consistent rate will generate organic search traffic.

Indeed, Google themselves will tell you that they see every search as a step on a journey toward some final goal, and that goal is usually to learn about something. This is one of the reasons we see questions asked so often in searches–people want to know stuff, and the internet is where a lot of that learning takes place.

coinbase top 10 keyword rankings with "how" in the term june 2022

Coinbase is clearly using a strategy of creating “how to” content that is effective for its target audience. As shown in the above chart from Semrush, Coinbase has over 11,500 keyword terms that it ranks for on the first page of Google that include the word “how” in the search term. According to data from Semrush in June 2022, Coinbase ranks on the first page of Google for the following five terms that include the word “how.” Out of those 11,500 terms that include the word “how,” these five terms also send the most traffic from Google to Coinbase:

  1. how to buy shiba inu coin
  2. how to stake ethereum on coinbase
  3. how to buy safemoon
  4. how to buy bittorrent
  5. how to buy shiba inu

Another Great Content Idea From bitFlyer – Chart Pages

It’s not that doesn’t have any content–there’s a blog, at They also have some long-form text on their FAQ pages. These are places that we would expect to find the kind of content that gets organic search results, which also means that Google probably looks there, too.

But luckily for BitFlyer, Google is pretty good at finding content wherever it crawls, and it finds a lot to love on the Bitflyer chart pages.

bitFlyer chart page for crypto seo

Take a look at the Bitcoin chart page, for example. This page is chock full of the meaty content Google loves to see, which is why it’s rewarded these chart pages with high rankings for keywords like “how much for a bitcoin” and “bitcoin price 24 hours.”

These kinds of keywords are extra valuable because they’re the kinds of searches people make when they want to make a transaction, and has a lot of opportunities for readers to convert into customers.

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Successful Crypto SEO Requires Targeting Keywords That Convert

A good SEO strategy starts with good content on a nice website, but unless your business model is giving information away for free on the internet, you’re going to want that organic traffic to turn into sales. This is why we looked at keywords with commercial and transactional intent to find our winner of Best SEO Strategy Among Crypto Platforms.

“Buy cryptocurrency” is a good search that gives you a little insight on how much the user intent of the keyword matters to a website that focuses its business on allowing people to buy and sell cryptocurrency. You don’t want to just appeal to people looking for information about crypto, you want to attract organic search results that are more likely to lead to conversions.

Once again, Coinbase does a stellar job of accomplishing that SEO goal.

coinbase commercial and transactional keyword targeting for crypto seo

Coinbase is clearly using a strategy of targeting “commercial” and “transactional” intent keywords to be found by its target audience at a time they are thinking about purchasing crypto. As shown in the above chart from Semrush, Coinbase has over 37,000 keyword terms that it ranks for on the first page of Google that have a “commercial” or “transactional” intent. According to data from Semrush in June 2022, Coinbase ranks on the first page of Google for the following five terms that meet that criteria. Out of those 37,000 terms, these five terms also send the most traffic from Google to Coinbase:

  1. eth price
  2. solana price
  3. ethereum
  4. solana
  5. safemoon price

Opportunity To Improve Targeting Keywords That Convert For KuCoin

kucoin crypto seo keyword performance

Keywords that convert are our favorite kinds of keywords, but they’re not the only kind of keyword you can rank for. In the case of KuCoin, a whole bunch (over 2k) of their nearly 30,000 ranking keywords are branded. Branded keywords are great, and they can make us money, but they’re not ideal for SEO purposes.

If a searcher already knows the name of your brand, then they probably already know how to find you. If you want to buy Ethereum, for example, you’ll probably start at their website. The reason why we focus so much of our SEO strategy on non-branded keywords with our websites is to capture some of those readers that might not see our platforms if they hadn’t put those search terms in their browsers.

It only follows that if KuCoin wants to make a bigger splash with their organic search efforts, they should think about optimizing for more non-branded, commercial and transactional terms. Those chart pages are nice, but they’re just not going to be as attractive to Google as an old-fashioned blog post.

From their June 2022 Semrush organic keywords trend report, here are 5 commercial and transactional intent terms that KuCoin could take advantage of with the right SEO strategy to improve their visibility using blog content they have already created:

  1. where to buy shiba coin
  2. buy shiba inu coin
  3. btc staking
  4. crypto wallets
  5. usdc staking

Blogging means business, and KuCoin has a lot of content that is ripe with opportunity to increase their market presence and customer acquisition plan.

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What About All Those Commercials During The Big Game?

SEO is not the only way for a business to get customers. Coca Cola, for example, doesn’t need organic search results to drive their sales. We call television commercials “traditional” marketing to differentiate it from the stuff we do, but it all has value.

If you see a commercial for a company, and you’re already interested in cryptocurrency, then you might go to their website or ask your accountant about them. This might result in a sale for, but it also might not.

While Big Game commercials generate a ton of interest, knowledge, and brand awareness, these activities do not necessarily translate to clicks and conversions.

So, while you might have seen crypto advertising with Matt Damon during the big game, and you might use that product placement as a factor in your decision, you will probably do a little research before you actually whip out your wallet and put your actual currency down for some crypto.

For all that research that goes into the decision of adopting a digital wallet and purchasing crypto, there are few places more vital to the decision than the search engine.

And in order to be found at the point of decision making for your prospective customers, there’s no place more vital to be invest your efforts than in a comprehensive SEO strategy.

To have a discussion with one of our digital marketing strategists about how our Google and HubSpot certified digital marketing agency can help you grow your platform with confidence, please contact us.

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