ECommerce in 2023: Keep Up the Good Work, But Don’t Stop Now (Updated November 2022)

As 2022 gradually fades into the past, we can reflect on many unexpected lessons from a truly terrible year. If there were any highlights from 2021 at all, they were in the fat bottom lines of e-commerce companies. As sweet summer children of 2019, and then 2020, we all knew that the next year would be even better for people shopping online, but it ended up exceeding every expectation. No kidding, or, as we used to say growing up in West Virginia during the 1980s, “no doy.”

One of the (few) nice things about living in 2021 is the speed at which we can find out how big the previous year actually was for ecommerce when the year is barely over. Adobe, through its multi-pronged data sources in a variety of ecommerce roles, reports a 15% increase in ecommerce sales compared to last year. That was enough to make Cyber Monday 2020 the biggest day in e-shopping history. Maybe a few of those 10.8 billion dollars found their way to your business.

That’s Great, What Now?

It would be a shame to lose all that momentum now. The good news is that while there’s naturally a dip in sales volume after the holidays, it doesn’t have to slip away completely. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep the train moving and carry some of that energy into the new year.

New Year = Fresh Start

A new year means a new opportunity to promise ourselves that we’re going to do better than we did with our resolutions last year. You can harness that spirit in your own efforts by appealing specifically to that pervasive feeling of fresh new opportunities. Is there a way you can pivot the messaging in your digital ads to engage the hopeful side of your audience? Data shows that people are more excited about things that make their lives better, like getting more exercise, cleaning up more often, and increasing their skills. Appeal to that new year spirit and reap the rewards.

Get Your Message Out

One of the bonus benefits of an increase in digital shopping volume is an increase in shoppers. Not only that, but a lot of those sales you made at the end of the year were probably from repeat customers. You don’t need to let those opportunities pass you by. Make sure you’re retargeting in ways that will maximize your messaging for those reliable fans of your business. A new customer is a future loyal repeater—make them more likely to replicate their conversion by focusing your efforts on reminding them about how satisfied they were with their first experience.

If your own New Year’s Resolution includes making your own digital marketing better, let us help you kick the tires on your strategy and get moving in the right direction.

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Jim Foreman is a Senior Content Manager and 20-year veteran of the web and social media. He has a degree in English from West Virginia University, where he created his first website on a dial-up connection in his dorm room in 1998. He has won a Telly award for his video work and always wins at Star Wars trivia.

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