Is GA4 Better Than UA? Find Out In Our Next Webinar!

By Jonathan Bentz| 6 Min Read | November 8, 2022
Google Analytics Services | Is Google Analytics 4 Better Than Universal Analytics? (Webinar)

“Is Google Analytics 4 better than Universal Analytics?”

If you are responsible for one of the roughly 28 million-plus websites that still uses Google Universal Analytics, then you’ve probably wondered this to yourself since Google announced it was sunsetting the UA platform earlier this year.

Maybe you’ve heard that GA4 is going to require a total shift in how you are going to measure web performance. We get it, that can be a pretty scary thought. We understand that you would prefer to keep using the analytics platform you’ve come to know and love over the last decade plus.

We also know you can’t stop thinking THIS to yourself…

Is Google Analytics 4 Really Better
Than Universal Analytics?

If you’re tired of this question running a marathon in your mind, we invite you to come and get the answer for yourself in our upcoming webinar on December 15, 2022.

Will You Actually Get The Answer By Attending This Webinar?

is google analytics 4 better than universal analytics? learn the answer here.

Great question. You’ve probably signed up for a bunch of webinars over your career where the only feedback you received to your questions were…

“Our service/product is the only answer! Buy it now.”
We know the answer… but we’ll only tell you if you pay us.”
“Your question isn’t the right question. Here’s an answer to something our sales team wants us to talk to you about.”

When you register for this webinar, you can fully expect to learn if GA4 is better than UA. In fact, when we were reviewing this with our Senior Digital Analysts recently, they actually gave us the answer… you ready?

Here it comes.

It depends

On how you implement it!

So, while we hate answering questions with questions here at DOM, we have to do it. How do you plan on implementing GA4?

In addition to getting the answer to that loaded question, you can also get answers to the following questions:

  • How does GA4 compare to what we normally get in UA (aka GA3)?
  • What comes “out of the box” in GA4?
  • What will we miss out on if we use “out of the box” GA4 after UA/GA3 is sunset?
  • Why does GA4 need to be a custom installation?
  • What does a “finished” implementation of GA4 look like?

If you would like to be one of the first to save your seat for a webinar about GA4 that is actually informative, click here to register.

PS – don’t see the actual question you have listed above? Send it to us when you register for the event and our team will make sure it gets addressed during the webinar!

Still Waiting To Get Started?

still waiting to figure out "is google analytics 4 better than universal analytics?" learn the answer here.

Totally respect your patience. That’s a virtue (at least that’s what we’ve been told).

But just so you know, on July 1, 2023, Google is going to sunset the analytics platform you’ve relied on for years.

When that happens, all you will be left with to track your site performance (from Google, anyway) is GA4.

This move to GA4 is much more than a simple upgrade from UA – it’s a complete shift in how you are going to measure web performance. Your migration is the first step towards shifting how your company measures web performance.

Need an introduction or refresher to this game-changing analytics platform before saving your seat for this webinar? Check out some of our other resources below.

Google Analytics 4 Training - Start Your GA4 Journey July 14, 2022 Google Analytics 4 Setup Guide - Free GA4 Checklist PDF Now Available

Find yourself feeling like you’ve got a handle on everything included in those resources? No worries. Check out some more of our content to understand some of the differences between GA4 and UA.

The Experts Answering “Is Google Analytics 4 Better?”:

Sr. Digital Analyst Steve D'Angelo Steve D’Angelo
Senior Digital Analyst

Steve D’Angelo is certified in multiple disciplines of marketing from Google (including Google Analytics) and HubSpot. He has spent his career helping growing and enterprise companies in data-driven industries like healthcare, technology, and insurance create actionable measurement strategies so they can fully utilize complex analytics setups.

Sr. Digital Analyst Dana SchumacherDana Schumacher
Senior Digital Analyst

Dana Schumacher is a Google Analytics Qualified Individual who was one of the first hires at DOM dedicated to campaign analysis. Prior to joining our team, Dana spent a decade-plus as an analyst for publicly traded enterprises, eCommerce companies, and software development firms.

digital marketing expert Justin SeibertHost: Justin Seibert

20-year digital marketing veteran Justin Seibert started in the field in 2001 as a one-man digital marketing department for an LA-based firm. In 2006, he founded DOM and has grown it into an Inc. 5000 company regarded as one of Google’s Top 3% Premier Partners.

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